A Change for the Environment

Important Notice: Due to the impact of Covid19 out Non for Profit campaign has been put on hold until 2022. We hope to resume this project with the return of travel. Our plastic's initiative is in full use and has not changed.

Many countries that have issues with the quality of the drinking water are undoubtably the largest contributors to the plastic bottle collateral. Greece has many islands and on most of them the tap water is not drinkable so ask before you drink. With over 1 Million travellers per year visiting Greece, that a lot of plastic water bottles that can't be recycled. At Rhodes Backpackers we have removed all single use plastic where possible. We have removed Plastic water bottles, straws, plastic cups and plates. Our garbage bags are bio degradable and we sell our very own reusable foldable and Metal drink bottles that you can fill from our filtered tap. Also the water on Rhodes is drinkable so there's no need to buy plastic water bottles.  We also sell stainless steel straws to take with you. 

Travelling Elephant Foundation

The Travelling Elephant foundation is the brain child of Michael and Maria. The aim is to set up non for profit Hostels in third world countries where there is a potential for tourism industries to start. The profits from the hostels go back to the community. Further more we hope to have 20 operational hostels by 2025. 

Visit our website for more information Travelling Elephant

How can you help

In your travels if you come across a place you think could benefit from our program, please send us an email from the link below and provide as much details as possible